Jay’s Peach Ghost Pepper Seeds

  • 80% Germination rate
  • Jay’s Peach Ghost Pepper Seeds
  • SHU: 900,000 +
  • 10 Seeds per pack
  • Seeds by Pepper Juan

Born in the USA, Jay's Peach Ghost pepper was created by a local farmer in the state of Pennsylvania named Jay. A relatively stable pepper although is still considered a newcomer in the world of hot peppers, this Peach Ghost pepper can seriously knock your mind out with its heat. The pepper pods have a unique peach colour and were born from the cross of the Trinidad Scorpion and the Bhut Jolokia.

The extremely gnarly fruits with deep indentions look alien and weird. Although there's not much fleshy pith inside, its juices do pack a punch. Thankfully its mind-numbing heat is well blended with a fruity flavour. However, it can sometimes taste bitter but then again that might just be your tongue going nuts.

It’s super easy to grow pepper from seeds and you can learn how to do it properly by following our simple instructions here. And don't forget to try the Paper Tissue Method to check the viability of your seeds here.


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