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Hot Sauce ni Juan (Signature Hot Sauce) – Pepper Juan

Hot Sauce ni Juan (Signature Hot Sauce)



Fermented Carolina Reapers (70%) and apple cider vinegar (30%)

Carolina Reaper

Developed by the grower Ed Currie, the Carolina Reaper is a crossbreed of the Pakistani Naga and Red Habañero. Despite being the hottest pepper in the world (has not been dethroned to date), the Carolina Reaper has a sweet and fruity flavor that goes well with other condiments.

Scoville Heat Units: 1,500,000 – 2,200,000 SHU

Scoville Heat Level: 10+++

Locally Grown and Produced

Pepper Juan takes pride as a local company that sources its ingredients directly from farmers. It takes care of its producers as it mindfully selects only the best ingredients in each chili sauce recipe. Locally fermented, Pepper Juan makes any meal or dip a gustatory delight.

How to Use

  • Use as a sauce for any meat dish, tacos, pizza, and the like.
  • Add into salsas and marinades.

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