Devil’s Tongue Pepper Seeds

  • 80% Germination rate
  • Devil’s Tongue Pepper Seeds
  • SHU: 125,000 – 325,000
  • 10 Seeds per pack
  • Seeds by Pepper Juan

If you already felt a chill run through your spine just from reading its name, then it's for a good reason. The Devil's Tongue pepper, funnily, was discovered by accident in the US growing among a patch of habanero peppers. Its searing tongue heat is what gives this pepper it's a well-deserved name. Believed to be a relative of the Habaneros, this pepper resembles the Fatalii pepper. The pods are oblong and quite wrinkly with a pointed end which looks like a tongue.

Devil's tongue pepper fruits when fully ripe give off a bright golden yellowish-orange colour. Despite the extreme heat, this pepper also packs a sweet fruit bordering to a tangy flavour that pepper addicts do love. Sadly, they are not so readily available in supermarkets, unlike the habanero. But don't worry as you can quickly grow these at the comfort of your home.

It’s super easy to grow pepper from seeds and you can learn how to do it properly by following our simple instructions here. And don't forget to try the Paper Tissue Method to check the viability of your seeds here.


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