Fermented Big Mustard Mama Peppers



  • Big Mustard Mama Peppers
  • Sea Salt
  • Water
220 ml
A superhot strain created by Troy Primeaux of Louisiana Lafayette University. If you heard of this gentleman, you’ll know that he is the creator of the 7 Pot Primo! This pepper is as mean as it looks. One million+ Scoville Heat Units for a mustard-colored pepper?! The crazy hot sauces you can make with this one. No doubt that this will make the hottest natural verde salsa known to man. Some have mentioned its similarities to “Pepper X”, some even say it may be the same thing. We’ll let you be the judge. The Big Mustard Mama Chili is a cross between Naga Morich and Trinidad Douglah and a variant of the Big Black Mama, which makes this super-hot strain a very intense nuclear hot pepper. These are monster-sized hot peppers that have wrinkly, bumpy skins, and you may even notice some contorted shapes out of these pods. When you take a bite, you’ll be hit with fiery heat before noticing flavors of earthy and slightly floral taste. The Big Mustard Mama pepper plant is very productive and produces pods that grow to 3 inches long.

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