Pepper X: The Pepper Hotter Than the Carolina Reaper

Pepper X may sound sketchy, but if I tell you that it’s said to be the strongest contender against Carolina Reaper then it would probably get your curiosity flaring. The name first popped out in 2017 when it was announced that Pepper X would be one of the key ingredients of “The Last Dab” hot sauce. Of course, this seemingly low-key introduction to a new hot pepper spread like wildfire in the pepper community. Especially when people found out that it was Smokin’ Ed’s newest creation.

Besides the rumor that it has a SHU twice as the Carolina Reaper, not much was divulged about this so-called pepper from hell. This has of course left a lot of curious pepper-lovers stumped and eager for more information. So, here’s what we found out about this mysterious crown dethroner.

The Pepper X Creator

If you were wondering what Ed Currie has been up to since he created the Carolina Reaper, then Pepper X is the answer. According to sources, the PuckerButt Pepper Company founder himself made it his mission to come up with a hotter pepper than his first baby, the Carolina Reaper. Apparently, Smokin’ Ed wanted a superhot pepper that has the mouth-wrenching heat but is still capable of retaining a fruitier flavor.

Unveiling of Pepper X. Photo was taken from Garden Culture Magazine.

Pepper X was ten (10) years in the making and has been one of those several pepper strains Ed Currie had been secretly hiding from the world. The man had been obsessed with breeding hot peppers since the ’80s after he discovered that it was his ticket out of cancer. In fact, little do people know but some of his pepper strains are already being used for cancer research.

The Lucky Parents

As I said, there isn’t much information about Pepper X as of the moment and that includes Pepper X’s parentals. All Ed Currie had dropped was that it’s the mixture of several cross-breeding processes and is of the Capsicum chinense species. However, if you look closely with the pod you can detect a hint of Carolina Reaper in it, among other hot peppers. But, then again, it seems like Ed’s going to keep us guessing until he officially tells the world its origins.

The Pepper Fruit

The Pepper X fruit has varying shapes and sizes attributed to the fact that it’s still a relatively new variant and isn’t yet established. Its extremely gnarly and bumpy outer skin has this yellow-green to apple green shade. Although most of its fruits resemble that of a Ghost Pepper, some have been found to exhibit the shape of a Carolina Reaper with a matching tail.

The gnarly Pepper X fruits. Photo was taken from First We Feast.

Heat level-wise, it produces a whopping 3.18 million SHU as per Ed Currie. That’s about twice the heat level of the current title-holder; the Carolina Reaper. Smokin’ Ed even said that his Pepper X is thrice the heat level of any available superhot pepper in the market right now, which is safe to say quite a burner.

What’s the Update on Pepper X?

As I mentioned, Pepper X had its debut as the main ingredient on The Last Dab hot sauce, one of the mouth-searing conundrums in the famed show ‘The Hot Ones’. This hot sauce was the brainchild of Ed Currie and Noah Chaimberg, the founder of The Heatonist. After all, what more can you expect from two hot pepper fanatics? Creating something this spectacularly senses-blurring product that will surely leave your taste buds numbed is something that’s definitely right up their alley.

The Last Dab hot sauce by The Heatonist.

After that, Ed Currie officially submitted Pepper X to the Guinness Book of World Records for confirmation in September 2017. Sadly, it’s been almost four years now and we still haven’t heard any news as to what Guinness has to say about this hot baby. Everyone is still waiting for the big reveal as to whether it will officially take the crown this year. However, until then, the reigning king is still the Carolina Reaper.

And, one more thing. If you’re wondering if Pepper X is going to be its final name, don’t worry. Ed Currie assured the pepper community that he’s going to rename it once it officially grabs the title. So, he’s probably still going over a list of possible names while patiently waiting for the grand judgment.

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