Get To Know The Infamous Siling Demonyo (Naga Viper)

Whether you are a hot pepper enthusiast or not, you have probably heard about the name Naga Viper pepper. More commonly known as Siling Demonyo or Marusot here in the Philippines, we Pinoys had a relatively long-standing love-hate relationship with this pepper. The Siling Demonyo is a well-established hot pepper in the country; however, how […]

Guide on How To Grow Carolina Reapers in the Philippines

Growing Carolina Reapers can be a challenging venture in the Philippines. So we created a simple growing guide for all of you pepper lovers.

Pepper Germination: 5 Methods To Break Seed Dormancy

Ever heard of the term seed dormancy? Generally, growing peppers is relatively easy except when you hit a dead-end right off the bat. If you have been growing hot peppers for a while now, you have probably experienced difficulty in germinating your pepper seeds multiple times already. Either it takes longer than usual for them […]