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Pepper Germination: 5 Methods To Break Seed Dormancy

Ever heard of the term seed dormancy? Generally, growing peppers is relatively easy except when you hit a dead-end right off the bat. If you have been growing hot peppers for a while now, you have probably experienced difficulty in germinating your pepper seeds multiple times already. Either it takes longer than usual for them […]

Fertilizer Application: Boosting Pepper Plant Growth

Choosing the right rich loamy soil for your pepper plants is the first step. Loam soil tends to have the highest organic matter content among the other soil types. Hence, it is the ideal choice for growing pepper plants. However, it may provide the essential nutrients and minerals our plants may need; a good dose […]

5 Effective Ways to Control Aphids on Pepper Plants

Aphids are one of the peskiest pests on pepper plants. They may not be around today, but these sneaky insects often appear out of nowhere the next day. Letting a few aphids hang around on your peppers can be harmless, or so you thought. These insects are small and soft-bodied, but they are quite prolific […]

Getting To Know the Carolina Reaper: Then and Now

Peppers have come a long way ever since Columbus and the Portuguese discovered their existence while searching for the New World and spreading its hot and spicy goodness all over the world. Thanks to the Mayan, Aztecs, and Egyptians, numerous varieties of the Capsicum species have suddenly started popping up like mushrooms everywhere throughout the […]