How to Germinate Pepper Seeds using Paper Tissue Method

I could still remember the first time that I planted peppers at home using store bought seeds. Out of sheer excitement of having the chance to grow something, I immediately planted the seeds in rows on a seed box. After a week, I noticed something odd when the seeds started to germinate. There were large blank patches within the rows where seeds should have had germinated. If you have experienced the same thing, well, there’s only one simple explanation about those odd blank spaces. Some of the seeds you’ve planted were actually not viable. This means that some seeds were incapable of germinating due to different circumstances, and it’s quite normal.

Germination is the growth process of seed to a seedling. Although planting your seeds immediately on your pots is a lot easier and hassle free, germinating them first provides you an opportunity to sort out the viable seeds from the unviable ones. This helps ensure that you have good quality seeds which you can grow. There are different methods which you can use in order to germinate your favorite pepper seeds. But we’ll teach you one of the easiest methods which you can do at home, the paper tissue method.

Paper tissues are quite versatile and are actually perfect germinating mediums. The reason is because they are sterilized and can easily hold moisture. It’s also quite easy to observe your seeds if you use this method, and it’s so effortless to do. You’ll be needing tissue papers, small amount of water, plastic container, and of course your pepper seeds.



Prepare your tissue paper and plastic container. You can use any tissue paper you have at hand. We commonly use the regular bathroom tissue for this method. Just prepare two succeeding 10×12 cm square sheets for each container. For the plastic container, you can use any kind that you have available at home. But, preferably use transparent disposable tubs like the one below for ease in observation during the whole process. These disposable tupperwares are quite cheap and readily available in your market.


Dampen your paper with clean water. You can either dip your tissue on water or use a sprayer instead. Carefully wring out the excess water, but make sure that you wouldn’t tear up the tissue.  This will leave you with a moist paper.


Gently place the tissue paper on the plastic container. Make sure that it is flat on the bottom of the container.


Carefully place the pepper seeds on the moist tissue paper. You can place as many seeds as you can. Just make sure that you space them out to avoid overcrowding when the seeds start to germinate.


Place the lid over the container. This helps keep the water from evaporating, providing enough moisture for the seeds as they’ll be needing it for germination.


Set the containers in an area away from sunlight, with a room temperature of about 68-86°F. You can place them on top of heating pad or refrigerator, but make sure that you maintain the necessary temperature.


Check the seeds regularly. Pepper seeds usually take 5-10 days before they start germinating.


Once they have germinated, you can transfer them to pots. But make sure that you handle them carefully as they are still very delicate during this stage.

Properly following the steps mentioned above will guarantee you well germinated seeds to plant on your pots. It is quite so easy breezy that you can do this with your eyes close. But this method will require more of your time, so just be a little patient. Nothing grows in a blink of an eye after all.

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